VIP arrived


Well, it's here.  It actually got here about 8 days ago, but I haven't had a chance to post until now.  Check it out!




Here are the specs:

VIP Hollow Body
Mahogany back / Flame Maple top
Trans. Blue back / Blue Dye top
Ivoroid Binding (top)
H x H Pickup rout
3-knob PRS control layout (3-way rotary selector)
Gotoh 510 Bridge
1/2" Jack Rout

Warmoth Pro Neck
Mahogany Neck / Ebony Fretboard
Flame Maple Peghead Veneer (Dye Blue body match)
Satin Finish (Gloss peghead)
Ivoroid Binding
Standard Thin Contour
1 11/16" Earvana Nut
6150 Nickel Frets
Mother Of Pearl Dot Inlay
Schaller 11/16" Tuning Machine holes

I am SO IMPRESSED with the quality of these parts and finish.  Amazing job, Warmoth!

And finally, though I'm shamed to admit it, the guitar is with the local tech to be assembled.  To be honest, I was very worried about drilling holes for pickup mounting rings, tuning machine anchors, strap knobs, etc.  There's no way I could've done it without ruining something...  And since the guitar had to go there for a set-up anyway, well, it's best if it's done right the first time.

Thanks Warmoth!  Completed pics will be up as soon as I get it!
Beautiful! That top looks deceptively pretty in what I bet will be a mean soiunding guitar.

Your ebony board there is so warm and rosewood-y!
I just finished my warmoth and i put the JB in the bridge and its the punchiest pickup i've ever played through. its awesome.
I've got Pics in the LP section
OOOOOHWEEEEE!!!!!!! DOGY!! THE BINDING IS SWEET ALL THE WAY AROUND thats about as sweet of a combo ive seen looking forward to pis as it comes along
I love that blue die job! the matching headstock is a nice touch, congtats!

You'll love the JB!
The rotary switch came from a Squier, actually.  I couldn't find anywhere else that sold a three way, just fives.  There's actually a thread on here with wiring diagrams - check the wiring section for "Help Needed on Custom Wiring".  That's me.

The JB is a great pickup.  I have two Strats; the first has a Hot Rails, the second a JB Jr (both are the single-coil sized humbuckers).  When I had the Hot Rails, I liked it, because it was super-aggressive and could just about slice through anything.  Sometimes to its own detriment.  Then I got another and tried it with the JB Jr.  It growls but stays clear, and has some good dynamics using just the volume knob. 

I have a Custom in yet another guitar, an Ibanez, and I chose that for the neck in this one.  In the bridge on the Ibanez, it is SO LOUD AND DISTORTED!  Good for playing sloppy Deftones-y kind of stuff, but not great if you're looking for articulation.  I thought I'd give it a try in the neck on this one to make the normally-smooth neck selection have some bite to it.

Thanks for the approvals!  It's always good to have your choices nodded at by peers and people who know what they're about.
Yah, kinda reminds me of CB's blue dyed BFG there.........

Looks GREAT - sumptin about a blue geetar that stirs the soul..........NICE!
Yessir,  Those are some fine looking blue flames!  Rock that one with pride, my man!