US Priority Mail, how long?



Hi, I bought a neck from the showcase, it was shipped on the 14th of Jan and
still hasn't arrived. It was sent by US Priority Mail which it says can take 2-3 weeks
or longer? I was wondering how long I should leave it before I start pestering
Warmoth about it not showing up? I'm in the UK BTW.
Cant comment on US Priority post, but my stuff came to Buckinghamshire via UPS in about 3 days? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I'd reckon 30 business days should be enough.  I've sent some huge packages to Singapore and it took 6 weeks.  In the states I'm sure they ship with tracking, maybe an email to the fellow how took your order would reveal the tracking number and the packages whereabouts.

When they ship to me, I can track it at each stop across the country.
I don't think Priority mail has a tracking number. I just don't want to start bothering
people if it's just taking a while. I've had stuff take longer to get here from the USA.
On the other hand, I don't want to pass up on other killer necks I've seen around if
mine's gone bye bye.
In my experience it usually takes around 2 weeks or so... If something takes 6 weeks its probably "economy" (sea mail). It makes more sense to ship something large and heavy with seamail though...

A question for Gregg though, if I order a large amount of wood (like body and neck blanks) is there any way you can send those by seamail rather airmail? Airmail is good for one or two bodies or necks but for something that's going to total out to more than 10 pounds it probably makes more sense to send it seamail...