Updated pics of my RG7620 re-finish/Rusty Cooley Mod


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I was able to borrow a digital camera from  a friend the other day & snap these off.

This is with the MetalCast Blue paint from Duplicolor.
I had to re-apply it, because I didn't apply enough clear coats before wetsanding to level, & sanding through the MetalCast, so I had to start about 1/2 way over.

I'll start applying Clearcoats either tomorrow or Saturday, & will triple the amount of clear before wetsanding.

Anyway, here they are.  You can see where I did the Rusty Cooley mod to the lower cutaway, & I also deepened it just a bit more.





Looks good!  It kills you when you sand through on a wet sand.  It is a lot more labor but I start with 2000 wet/dry and stay away from the edges with the paper.  To get the edges I use a real wore out 3M fine sanding sponge and just touch edges.  You have a great piece going there, I can't wait to see it finished and put together.
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