Tyler Dan Huff style monster Strat and Hybrid Tele projects


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I had purchased these Warmoth Strat parts a couple of years ago. The ash body was a great deal for 110$ and I had them building this neck, birds eyes maple with rosewood board, 14" radius and 6150 frets. First build had 2 Lollar Imperials humbuckers as my original intention was to recreate one of Michael Landau Fender Strats... but honestly I never bonded with this project. So I dismantled it and went for the Dan Huff thing!
Guitar has a great looking pickguard with hifi sealed pots from Tocos (Tokyo Cosmos). I have dropped CTS pots from almost all my guitars. You have to try Cosmos...they are a whole different amazing thing. A couple of bridge Seymour Duncan Hot Stacks and a Tyler Shark pickups paired with Tyler's Mid Booster/Preamp, master volume, master tone. preamp level, 4 mini switches to turn preamp on/off and set each pickup coils in series or parallel. 5 way switch.
Guitar sounds amazing! Very happy with it.... in Mary Kaye gloss finish.
Dan Huff2.jpg

Having a couple of Lollar Imperials around pushed me to do something with them. Last Xmas big sale got me this amazing alder body in transparent satin red with nice contours and the maple neck for very cheap... and there you go... Lollars live there happily with this amazing Schaller bridge which has sustain for days. Cosmos pots on board.
Another great Warmoth guitar!
Red Tele2.jpg
And here are some sounds from these guitars.... and another one, a Strat with a Warmoth ash body and a Fender neck, with amazing welsh Radioshop pickups.