Tuner Holes on Finished Necks


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When you get a new Warmoth Neck and it has a finish on it, the finish will lip down into the holes and make them tighter than the original size they were drilled for.

You will need to remove the excess finish from inside these holes using sand paper wrapped around a dowel, or better yet, a Dremel tool with a small sanding drum.

BTW, a Dremel tool is a fantastic device for guitar building!
Unfortunately i haven't gotten a Warmoth neck with the correct size tuner holes yet! The necks were all purchased off the showcase. I bought a set of tuners as well...Planet waves...the set was missing 1 washer...When I asked for 1 washer they told me to get a hold of the manufacturer...Man, I'm very disapointed! ??? ???
Most all necks on showcase are predrilled to Kluson size; when ordering you have the option to ream to larger size as part of order; I always do this if not planning on using Kluson style tuners and haven't had an issue yet.