Treble bleed cap

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I have some (to my ears) muddy sounding pickups in a guitar. I have seen volume bleed caps used to brighten the sound. Also I heard of people using a resistor parallel to the cap. I tried a few different values and settled on .001 uf cap and 47k resistor for the neck pickup, and .002uf cap and 100k resistor for the bridge. It really helped with greater clarity. Has anyone else used resistors  in conjunction with caps ? If so what values work the best ?
i've done this. never tried diferent resistors and compared though.
the idea behind the resistor is to keep the fidelity of the signal from what i've heard. the actual effect on tone is quite subjective though.
the resistor afects the taper of the volume control, it makes the first part of it more sensitive to adjustment, smaller resistor value has a greater effect. also as the volume is rolled off you change the pot pickup load which can cut highs a bit but the cap should compensate. i wouldn't use less than 100k but it's realy up to you what sounds good. not many people go to such lengths to get that last bit of tone from their instruments, good luck on your search for tone
I recently did this with .001 cap and 120k resistor. Why those values? dunno, that was what was on the schematic I downloaded. I've tried treble bleed caps before and usually took them out. This combo works, though.
sheeeeeeesh, id say if anything u are coloring the tone more

try  a standard wiring and use a 24 volt resistor at the end before the pot conections, a low value would do it well

then the tone pots and p/u arent being colored
no but i heard that u have to experiment, not only will it give u the desired effect just anything u use on a guitar changed the tone, go from one manufactuer to another, id recoment using a CRISPER sounding resister with a slighly higher value versus a duller sounding reistor with a lower value, you digg?