Transparent Amber & Sunset Orange finishes?


Hey folks. I'm spec'ing out a tele body and really want a transparent/tennessee orange. Looking at the Warmoth finish catalog it seems like Amber and Sunset Orange are the closest, but my concern is that the Amber might be too brown and the Sunset might be too red.

Point being: if you have a (alder or swamp ash) body in Amber or Sunset Orange, I'd love to see it. (I've seen one or two on this forum, but am looking to increase my sample size).
That's a first world concern if there every was one. Welcome to the Forum. There are so many variables when it comes to taking pics of guitars, the best thing is to look at the warmoth site, check the visualizer tool for paint, when looking at the bodies, and then buy the one that looks best. Also keep using that high tech informational gathering tool called google. I guarantee whatever color you get will be awesome. Right now, I'm going thru the same thing trying to decide between turquoise flake and inferno flake. Life is rough, very rough. Hang in there, it'll work out.
100% a first world problem. But if you're going to drop this much money on a custom guitar part, makes sense to make sure you're getting what you want.

To that end, I have used the Warmoth visualizer, the Warmoth finish catalog, the googles, and TDPRI, and found very few examples. So I'm checkand this forum to see if I can shake any others loose before pulling the trigger.

Also, I just love seeing other folks' builds.
Did you try the search function on this website

i found two examples. this one shows transparent amber over swamp ash, and is close to the info i am looking for. this one shows sunset orange over maple, mahogany, and another unspecified wood. and this one which showed amber dye, which is a bit of a different animal.

i think the most recent was from 2 years ago, and the rest i combed had broken image links, so i thought i would post to see if i couldn't find a couple more.