traben basses


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who has played them? what do you think?

i want to get one, but im worried that the neck might be to bulky.  and there was some confusion, some of the reviews said that the 4 strings also have 35 inch scales, so either the review is wrong, or the traben site and mf are both wrong. 
any way neither site mentions the nut width, or neck thickness, one of the reviews said its not as easy to play as a P bass, but i don't know if they meant to big or to small.
I've played one, and I put it down after a minute. The neck feels like a baseball bat, and the body is not terribly comfortable. Sound was ok for the price range. If they put as much attention to ergonomics as they do to fire-shaped harware embelishments, they might have something, but not yet. Pass.

Please note for reference that my taste in basses is to the more modern designs: Tobias, MTD, Roscoe, Dingwall, etc. You may have different results based on your preferences.
i wanted something cheap but good with an mm in it,
i saw that and thought. yuk, then learned that the bridge is to get more tone,
i think is looks dumb, this one looks tons better
but doesn't have the pups i want.
even this looks better
i like how there string throughs, but i don't want a thick neck.
so i guess i pass.

any suggestions on a bass that might fit my needs?
i already looked at the rouges, and passed on those to. passed on the olps to.
Hey Schmoopie, I don't know if it quite fits the bill, but the bass player in my old band had the Epi Thunderbird and it sounded huge for cheap!  It stood up to a ton of abuse as well, in fact he still has it.