Tool Tip - Centering a Drill Press (Pillar Drill) on the Mark


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Here's a nifty tip that will make centering your drill press in prep to drill a hole the easiest it can be without numeric control or lasers.

I found a useful item in the package of my subwoofer - this nifty little foot point. I rolled a couple of them and this was the most on center at less than 1/128" off center on the tip. I now slip it into the chuck, align the point on the center punch divit or at the crosshairs of where the new hole is to be drilled, swap out with the bit size of choice, and drill. a great tool tip for those who don't have access to Norm Abrahm's laser aligned drilling machines!

here it is in action, shown with the point about 1/32" down into the center puched location for the first of four neck mounting holes I needed to drill last night. Of course you won't need to drill these same holes on your Warmoth body, as it's part of the completed body you purchase ... but you get the idea of how useful this simple part can be


this has certainly improved my 'freehand' drilling accuracy, not to mention that I've also been able to significantly speed things up as I no longer spend forever and a half jiggering the alignment of the drill bit tip to get it spot on

and for a little clarification - it's the threaded piece in this image


it is machined to a sharp point to sit in an audio isolation disc ... but it also works great in the drill press. I have seen these in packages for several different types of audio equipment stands as well.

I don't have access to a metal lathe. If I did, I could also have easily made one of these from a piece of round stock. I guess I could also have made one by chucking a piece of round stock into my drill press and then used a grinder to grind a sharp point to the stock.

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Good tip SkuttleFunk but a day late I just picked up a Craftsman 2/3 hp, 5 speed drill press with lazer yesterday for $89.00 (less taxes) at Sears. Good for what I do and good information also. Keep em! coming.