Thoughts on possible Tele Thinline or L5S build ?


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I have been thinking...

a Tele Thinline or L5S made of soft Bigleaf Flame Maple and a Sitka Spruce top. Humbuckers and a Piezo bridge for acoustic sounds. Could even be used for an acoustic guitar.

Anyone have one? Thoughts

Well, don't expect it to work as an acoustic; have a all mahogany Thinline and in the process of doing a Korina L5S build; while the Thinline is louder than my ES335 unplugged and sounds good, it doesn't project loud enough to use as an acoustic save for an "in your room" setting; will be a while before the Korina L5S is finished and assembled, but doubt it will be as loud as the Thinline...
Yes people have the misconceptions that chambered or hollow bodied electrics can be used as an acoustic. Just doesn't work that way. As Jack indicated, they do have slightly more projection unplugged than a solid body electric, but not enough projection to make it worth while or satisfying to play unplugged.
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It's not an acoustic at all. But it's a great guitar. I'm tempted to put some phosphor bronze 11s on it (acoustic extra lights) and see what that sounds like, just for kicks, but it's an electric with some natural resonance to the sound.
I just put an L5S together. It sounds like crap till you plug it in. I mean as an acoustic it sounds like crap, it's a great electric sound.
What Jack said.

Plus, ya gotta remember - there's a solid core, and thick rims on the semi-hollow guitars, like the ES-335's, the Tele Thinline's, the Warmoth L5s shape.  The "hollow wings" do add resonance, and warmth, but almost nada for projection.