Telecaster / Amp Combination

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Apologies if this has been covered in this or numerous other forums.  But I think this topic is always wide open for discussion /debate/argument and ultimately reluctant agreement. 

So, here's the deal... I've just put together a nice, older school telecaster.  I'm enjoying the tone going through my '66 BF Princeton. I really haven't had much chance to run it through my other amps.  So here's the question:  What do you think are the best Tele / Amp combinations?

Really, any kind of style except Metal:
60's rock

I'm really not interested in K-Pop, but if you have a Tele / amp combo...

Please don't tell me that this has been covered everywhere on the Interweb.  I know.  I am mostly interested in the opinion of you Warmoth-loyal folks. 

Ready... Go!
Well I’d probably recommend a different amp for each genre LOL.

Tele and Tweed has done a ton o great stuff

Tele and Marshall, Zep 1 and 2

Tele and Vox , a good portion of the British Invasion

Tele and Hiwatt - here’s a unique one. Listen to David Gilmour’ Fat Old Sun. Not the originally, that song is anemic on Atom Heart Mother. Listen to Gilmours Live at Pompeii.  It’s actually an Esquire he’s playing but oh my, what a tone and expression.

Tele and Matchless, select songs from Petty and the Heartbreakers

Needless to say, a Tele pretty much works with anything.  Rather than genre, find and specify a specific tone you can’t get now.
good question,  i am stuck with one option,  peavey classic 30 , which i like and im not complaining, and whatever guitar whether its 335, lp, strat or tele, other options would be pleasant,  amps are expensive
Telecaster into AC30, or similar.  Gotta have one of those treble boosters out front mind you...
I have a Suhr Bella (head and cab) which my tele guitars sound great through. It also helps that it is a good platform for pedals to get extra flavours.
Best is just to bring your guitar to a store, for instance Parkway Music near Saratoga or Albany has a lot of amps.  Just spend the day, and see which one you like.  You probably wouldn't go wrong with the AC30.  But why don't you go out and have some fun?
I love love love my Supro Statesman with teles. It's discontinued, but they have a new model with similar specs called the Royale. I think the closest thing from other brands would be tweed Fenders.
Tele into an EL84 amp (e.g. Vox, Dr Z, Magnatone) is a special kind of magic. Really.  It just works better than into a Fender or Marshall, IMHO, for styles like country, blues, americana. 
Well since modelers have been brought up.  I’ve been Fractal Audio since 2008. Smartest musical decision I ever made.

Tried Kempers.  I’m not to keen to relying on:
Paying for profiles
Having to buy equipment to make profiles
Renting equipment to make profiles from

Yeah Fractal for sure if you're taking this approach.

Beyond that, online amp advice is assbutt. Throw your guitar in the case and invest a couple Saturdays trying some out, even beyond what you can hear in a recording there's a feel that each of them have in how they respond. There are amps I love the sound of hearing this or that person play it, but maybe the way I play some are too loose or some feel like I'm fighting them to get the sound out.

Plus we're talking about pairing with a Tele here, that's like asking what foods pair well with white rice. I've heard Tele's sound great through all kinds of setups playing all kinds of music.
I feel the JCM800 2204 is the greatest amp ever and works for almost anything except stupid gain levels. I love the cleans way better than Fender. A lot has to do with the cabinet though