Tele with an identity crisis.

Like the subject line reads, I don't know where to begin.  The color clearly wanted to be a '52 RI, but it's a Birdseye Maple top and matte finish.  The pickup route is defintely a little unconventional as well.  The bridge pickup route is actually a left-handed and right-handed orientation route on top of each other.  I have every intent of putting a lefty bridge on it, but wanted the righty as an insurance policy if I didn't like it. 

Here's the specs:
-Birdseye Maple Top
-Hard Ash chambered body
-Tummy Cut, no forearm contour
-Butterscotch (matte) finish
-Hum X Hum X Tele Bridge pickup routings
-9v battery box route
-Electrosocket jack
-Matte Black Pickguard
-EMG 89R neck
-EMG 89 middle
-EMG Tele Bridge (not ordered yet)
-Strat 5-way blade switch, toying with a mini-toggle for two more pickup combos.

This project may take a little while as it was done on a whim.  I don't even have a neck in mind yet.  All I'm certain of is Standard Thin.  I may do a Wenge/Ebony combo with Warmoth headstock.  But due to the color, this is itching for some sort of maple, possibly Birdseye Maple w/Tele or Rev. Strat headstock.  Maybe even gold hardware and a maple vintage tint neck and fretboard.  Here's some pics.





I had a little help with the pics.

I'm not gonna lie that's the weirdest pickup routing I've ever seen, cool though!

Body looks pretty good.  I think it'd look great with gold hardware myself, and a wenge/ebony neck.

Sounds like a fun project, I'm pretty interested to see how it turns out.
I forgot to add, the two hums are split-coil and will be done via push/pull on the Vol and Tone pots.  The neck p/u goes single closest to the neck.  The middle towards the bridge.
That looks like its going to be a straight up fun project.   :toothy10:

Not going 18v on the EMG's?

btw that cat pic almost needs a caption.
Well, it's too late now, LOL.  The 9v box has already been routed.  Plus, I made that switchable on my bass and it's spends more time in 9v mode.  Those pickups I originally bought for a Warmoth LP project 8 years ago.  They stayed in the box for two years before I put them in my Strat.  The Strat now has SD '59s in it and is on loan to one of the guitar players in my band.  How you play guitar in a band and don't own a guitar is beyond me.  Go figure.  Anywho, the point of that was that I've played them in 9v mode before, so I know what to expect.
My cat likes rubbing up against headstocks.  She doesn't care about bodies.
Pretty interesting project the Gary, I like it. Now put a Floyd on it..... :icon_thumright:

just kidding..... :icon_biggrin:
I like it.  I would echo Blue's comment though about the 18v mod.  It does make a difference.  If you're not comfortable widening the route, it would be relatively cheap to have it done by a local luthier.
I ordered the neck this week.  I considered a Wenge/Ebony combo solely for feel, but in the end went with 3A Birdseye Maple.  The Wenge/Ebony combo will have to wait.  I'm at 1 and a 1/2 Warmoths and counting.  This one certainly isn't my last.  The only showcase highly bird-ed neck was a conversion neck, so I went with a from scratch build.  8 to 12 weeks.
I'm sure it will look just a fabulous with the birdseye Gary... :icon_thumright:

FWIW, I just ordered a scratch build neck.....It's gonna be killer... :icon_biggrin:
Maybe I'll post some pics later today.  I have everything now but the neck, and it's ordered.  Haven't got around to wiring it yet, but you won't be able to tell in the pics.
Here is the basic test fit minus the neck.  I didn't want to drill the pickguard mounting holes until I got a bridge.  Just using the neck pocket for alignment wasn't enough.  The bridge that's on it is a Wilkinson bridge that came with compensated saddles.  The whole thing was $40 brand new, which was cheaper than compensated saddles alone from other places, so I bought it just for the saddles.  I bought a Glendale lefty bridge at the guitar show, but the pickup will not fit in it.  The stamp, or cutout, for the pickup has a less than perfect radius on the treble side.  It isn't noticeable at first glance and not apparent until you try to mount the pickup in it.  Anywho, I've contacted Glendale, but rather than admit they sold a defective bridge and offer a refund or exchange, he gave me a luthier's phone number.  He seemed to think it would cost about $20.  I'm not in the habit of throwing more money at something that should work already, so I'm gonna try to file and dremel it to perfection.  I'm still a little surprised they didn't try to make it right.

I'm considering turning the control plate around to put the switch in the back and knobs up front.  An "always on" mini toggle so I can use the neck and bridge pickups together, as well as all three, may get added.  I would prefer a push/pull, but those are already spltting the humbuckers.  Speaking of which, I'm going to wire the push/pull so that the default position (down) is single coil.  When I'd used these pickups before, humbucking was down and single was up.

It looks a little drab and dull in the picture, but I can assure you it's anything but.  The Birdseye top stands out more, not as much as a dyed finish of course.