SURPISE SURPRISE!! My First Thinline!!


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Exactly 1 month after I placed my custom order for my thinline, I received my parts at work today! I didn't expect them for another 3-4 weeks, and since I was on vacation, I didn't get the quantumview message either!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the boxes.. nothing like I expected, different but even better than what I had in mind!
way too early though, since I haven't had the chance to order the filler and tung oil yet :)  I intended to add the pg and tuners to the order as well and to add them to this order... too late :)

anyway, here are the specs:

Goncalo Alves Neck
Brazillian Rosewood fb (nice straigh reddish streaks! )
Fatback contour! it feels amazing!! so there will be no finish on this one ;)
Schaller Mini Locking Tuners

Black Korina Body
Indian Rosewood top (I ordered quartersawn as an upgrade)
Recessed TOM Routing (tone pros)
2 x Cream P90s (from Jon Moore)
Vintage (creamy) pearloid pg (the original 69 shape)
Gold HW










Filler? I'd be sorely temped to leave it as woody as possible.
(See PRS "satin"):
Yow! Nice body and neck. I really appreciate a neck without face dots. This guitar will be a tone monster for sure. Nice!!

congradulations fo SHO'

<3 brazilian rosewood <3

I love when it gets reddish

lovely body as well

Thanks all!
I have to add that I was very much inspired by Tfarny's Walnut Thinline, British Bluesboy's Rosewood Tele, Jacks SG/Thinline and CB's Thinlines!
I never liked Tele's, but I am really really excited about this one!

And Yes, I decided on a satin Finish, with Pure Tung Oil... I like how CB calls it a 'heirloom finish' :)
Oh man, you got such great figure with that rosewood top, just imagine if it had been rear rout with one more f-hole....Still I think this is going to equal guitlouie's ludicrously nice thinline.
Geezie-Weezie!  There is just so much to love here!  That Goncalo neck is beautiful,  hope you like the feel as much as I have been enjoying mine!  That body kicks some serious ass as well.  We are going to be eagerly awaiting the progress pics on this one!
Schmoopy! What did I say about using controversial terms like 'sizzle' here? And I believe that, according to the noted expert Mickey Mouse, Rosewood on Koa does NOT sizzle, in fact it snaps, crackles, and pops. Few can take the crackle, so Mickey doesn't offer this particular combination, and everybody knows that.