Sunburst with a hot little amp


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Here is the 3-Tone Sunburst that I showed the step-by-step finishing process on the DIY Finishing thread.  This guitar’s acoustic sound is spectaticular.  It has the most sustain of any Strat I have ever played.    
1 Piece Alder 3. 13oz. body
Clapton profile Total Vintage 1 5/8, 5A Flame Maple, Brazilian Rosewood neck
Bone Nut
Duncan Antiquities pickups
Callaham Trem
Kluson Style tuners

It is with one of my favorite little amps. The amp is 1972 Princeton Reverb in a custom built cabinet from Larry Rodger.  The cabinet is loaded with a 15” Weber speaker and  it screams.

Ah, the venerable "target burst."  Not my cup of tea, but hey, whatever floats your boat! :kewlpics: 

On a side note, what does a Princeton with a 15 sound like?
Yes I much prefer the 2-Tone Sunburst but this is what the customer wanted. It really looks much better in person because you can see the grain better. I also think 2-Tone Bursts look better on Swamp Ash.

The 15’ Weber speaker sounds so good in a Princeton.  I got the idea from an early edition of the ToneQuest Report It has more bottom end and headroom. It goes to 12 real good.  On the down side I do not like the way the amp records, I much prefer it in a live situation.  I would choose a 10 or 12 inch speaker in the studio.