STOLEN!! UPDATE! Insurance money on its way.

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Hey, i know most of you guys aren't from my neck of the woods.
but if you remember my axe:

It was stolen yesterday.
If any of you guys that are in Alberta happen to see it in a pawn shop or see somebody lugging it around. obviously there arent going to be any like it. so if you see it, it is mine. I've filed a police report so its official. All the pawn shops in lethbridge have a picture of it and a photocopy of the police report.  So any of you guys in the bigger cities like calgary red deer or edmonton, if you see it call the police in lethbridge alberta, tell them you've found a stolen warmoth guitar, they should be able to find the report. I"m sure i'm the only person who has one in the city. or email me directly.

And I was just thinking about how much I'd like to help Randy Bachman get his first gretch back (i actually heard the story straight from him, i met him in high school)

This sucks.  Thanks for any help guys.
Man, that sucks big time.  I'm so sorry to hear that.  I wish you all the luck in getting it back.

Many years ago when I raced BMX my bike was stolen out of my garage.  Never recovered and had to rely on homeowners insurance for reimbursement...just not the same.  I feel your pain.
Be sure to watch eBay for that...  Might want to set up an automatic search.

Sorry to hear about that, though.  I hope you recover it.

That really sucks. If you haven't already, post it on as many music forums as you can.
That's brutal, man.  Mind telling us your real name?  That will help in case someone happens to see it.  Post it on all the guitar forums you can find and watch craigslist. 
Suggestion: Warmoth "onstar" so it had a homing beacon. And you can have Warmoth remotely unlock the case in case you locked your keys inside.

Sorry to hear of the theft. I bet it finds its way back to you. It's too noticeable.
We put a little tag in our dog in case she was ever lost -- Warmoth could start putting those tags into guitars!  They are real tiny, so they could be stuck almost anywhere.  You could even make a few bucks off of us (the vets do)....
yeah you know it's funny

Carvin has a little tracking system like that they put in their guitars

I was thinking about it just yesterday

I cannot imagine the pain your loss has caused
Man, that's one of the only green guitars that I have ever liked - and it's one of the only LPs I like.  That sucks!  What happened?  Home invasion?  Gig disappearance?
Who in their right mind steals a one of a kind guitar?  Sooner or later the thief will  be stupid and try and sell it.  It's just so unique it'll raise red flags the second it goes on the market.  There's no way they'd ever be able to sell it.

As a fellow green warmoth guitar guy, I feel for you, and hope you get 'er back soon.

I can't help you from the Alberta area, but if she ever shows up in Nova Scotia I'll be sure to get the dude arrested for you...

Man that's a shame.  That's probably my favorite LP build on this site...

I feel for you bro......Bad times !

We got yo back though.  If it turns up we'll send DangerousR6 round with some 'toys' to nail the Bastard.

jimh said:

I feel for you bro......Bad times !

We got yo back though.  If it turns up we'll DangerousR6 round with some 'toys' to nail the Bastard.


And I think he has the toys to do it! 
Damn Sure ! ! ! 

Not that I advocate violence in any way shape or form, but as somebody once said on this here very forum...." He Needed Killin'......"

I know its a little late but......I found this.......

I knew I'd seen this in one of the guitars mags somewhere and Violition's story triggered a thing in my brain.
Dunno if it's legit, and/or how available it is outside of the UK.  I havent used it nor do I know anyone who has used it, but if they can do it for pets, why the hell not instruments?

Dude, I feel for you.  That's a badass looking LP.  I hope you find it.  Don't forget to start checking ebay.  Don't know if you have craigslist in Canada or not, but there is supposed to be a boatload of stolen stuff on there.
Da-yum! I hate to read this. I've lost 2 instruments, myself, and I feel your pain. Check ALL possible sources for dumping that beauty - eBay, CraigsList, small town papers and journals. I have it under good authority that thieves (typically) try to unload articles within 100 miles of of your home. That said - I wouldn't rule anything out or leave any stone unturned. Good fortune to you...
bpmorton777 said:
that sucks dude! sorry to here that. What were the circumstances of the theft?


Stupid Dumbass me.

I had a bunch of gear in the car. took it all inside, the last trip was going to be my warmoth, but when I got inside i forgot about it (took 3 trips from car to house) so it was sitting in my car in the alley with the door unlocked.

I've got a cragslist ad up. and an auto search on ebay.  anytime somebody tries to sell a guitar within 1000 km of me on ebay i'll know of it.
I hate to say it, and any albertan on here would probably agree with me.
I live in the neighborhood we call "the rez" because its a bunch of 4 plexes on my street and most of them are full of natives.  I"m not a racist but I'm in touch with reality and a lot of these people have crime following in their wake.  I work with a native guy named lenny.  hes one of the biggest people I know and one of the hardest working, and he complains all the time about natives around here.  In any case I only say so because I think a lot of these guys are just looking for opportunity, I dont think he realizes that anybody will recognize this guitar and that stealing it wouldn't do him any good.  So i really hope he takes it to a pawn shop.  For all I know he's one of my neighbors who has seen me take gear back and forth to my car, because nobody else would even know if it was in there unless they went down the street looking in every car and checking to see if it was unlocked or not.

Hope that didn't come off as prejudiced.  Its not my intention.