StewMac Wiring Kits


I found this link posted on this forum, and on it I found these 'wiring kits' for pickups.,_pickups/Supplies:_Wiring_kits/Wiring_Kit_for_Les_Paul.html

Would you guys recommend something like this?  And if you do, for a rear route LP style, would you use the long-shaft pots or the standard?
Although the StewMac kits are "handy"; the quality of the pots/switches is not great; look at the parts lists and you can order all the relevant pots from the Warmoth site, they handle much higher quality CTS pots, and you can find every item there.

Forgot to add; you can also get kits with all components from the site:

They have a myriad of wiring diagrams for most all applications and the components of each diagram are available in kit form. They cost a little more than StewMac's, but use highest quality components, like CTS/Switchcraft/etc.
Cool thanks, I may piece things together, might help me learn more too. 

As far as the pots, for a rear-route control cavity on warmoth guitars, do you use the long shaft or the standard? Also, for future reference, what's the difference between straight 3 way toggle switches and right angle 3 way switches, is one for flat top and one for carved top?

Thanks so much!
I've used standard for my rear route builds, shouldn't need long shafts unless you want to offset pot from wood cavity or need it for non-standard knobs.