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For those who do their own wiring , strat , not a lesson for you , but for newbies at putting together partscasters like myself... it's hard to find a harness for special configurations like a 2 p90 strat rear route needing long shaft pots etc. If it's not a standard configuration , then you are on your own. Lesson learned is to use a top route or stay with a standard configuration. Or ideally, if you don't have shaky hands , learn to do your own wiring. Unfortunately for me, I have shaky hands
Nothing , thats the problem I am still trying to find a double p90 strat harness for my tele... every strat harness I find is for 3 single coils, 2 humbucker... can't find a strat harness for 2 single coils (a90) for my tele, guess I will have to find a wiring guru to custom make one
I found a diagram but haven't found anyone to premake one. My point being that if you are a newbie, your best to get a standard configuration so that there are plenty of options on the internets.


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When I find (or think) a soldering job is too complicated, I gather up the parts and bring it to a wizard. A lot cheaper and quicker than me futzing around.
I could do it too but my soldering is uh, utilitarian in its execution. It’ll work, but it’s not going to be gorgeous. I’m located in the Pacific Northwest if that helps.

I have a body with the same rear routing from Warmoth though, so I have the template to make it fit nicely.
I'll encourage you to dive in there and try it yourself! My shakey old hands got it done, even if it was darn aggravating at times. Doesn't look too good but it works! The Frankenstein inspired "IT LIVES" moment made it all worth it.
Learned a new lesson today, I won a bid on a starcaster, neck for $29, Then looked into starcaster and found out its a very inexpensive beginner guitar equalling 1st act. thought I struck gold but I know that it won’t be worth buying a body for.

Same mistake again on a lot of 4 foot pedals, $21 , then found out that they are worth, $100 new.
In the past, I was pretty good at dealing. I would dicker over a dollar and got some great deals. This year I quit gigging and let go of a lot of gear and picked up a few long time desired pieces. I decided to own only what I actually use in a few days time.
DANG!!! I lost my...er...ahh...wallet!
But it feels good.