Staining Poplar


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Hey guys,
I seen a Poplar strat body on the Warmoth site that I want, and I want to stain it to look like this. I would be doing this by hand and would Tung oil it to finish it off. How do I do it?


That's an alder back, can't guarantee the color will come out the same as most poplar has a greenish tint to it...

I stained that Strat back with two coats of Minwax oil-based "Golden Pecan" finish, then after letting those stain costs completely dry stained the darker Minwax oil-based "Jacobean" stain on top of that; then shot with sanding sealer and nitro gloss lacquer topcoats.
I love the color of that. I figured I'd have to use a darker and lighter stain to enhance the grain. Can this be done without spraying equipment?

Thanks for your help.