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i narrowed down my choices to an RD bass, or an SRX bass, i need some opinions from the bass gods.



im leaning toward the RD, but the SRX is cheaper.

but I'd like opinions none the less.
i have no knowlege on basses but i really like the SRX655 :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: buy what ever one that just grabs at you :headbang: :headbang:
i think i might, but i want to see if anyone has had first hand experience with either of them.
i want to, and i have several in my head, but right now i want somthing cheap.

aarrrggg,  dam you jack, now i have to go price a wamoth with similar options, i already know it'll cost more, i can't settle for cheap parts.
way to ruin the day.  :laughing11:

one plus of the rd that i like is the truss rod adjustment, no alan needed, just something to turn the wheel, i wish W would offer this option.
now i need to go make a suggestion. 

still waiting on opinions.
Never played a DR series but I've played a few SRX basses. The neck was a lot different from the P-Bass I was playing at the time. The nut width seemed a lot more narrow so it fit my somewhat short stubby fingers well. I'd check out one of the DR basses though. It has the humbucker/single pickup combo with a splitting option for the humbucker. That and I like 4 inline tuners on a headstock better than split.