Kinman Questions/Concerns

Every single patch I create, the first thing in line is a gate. I never even think about hum anymore.
👍 I do the same thing. The fine tuning adjustability of the gate is a thing of beauty. When you find the spot where it doesn’t abruptly clamp down on the noise, but appears to just naturally squeeze the noise away. Man, that’s something! I can’t even really describe it.
So, the Lollar and Wolfetone showed up today. I ordered both Monday night. That was a quick turnaround! It's interesting that Warmoth, Lollar, and Wolfetone are within 50 miles of each other. There must be something in the water up there.

Since this thread has pretty much abandoned its original theme, I'll just add a little write-up about the pickups on my build thread.
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