spray can finishing question


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since i live in canada i can not get my hands on reranch products , so i am looking for alternatives.......can i use this stuff????'


and if yes has anyone used it before,,,,,and is it capatible with deft clear..

I followed the link, and tried to find out if it's a laquer or enamel. I gave up. I think its an enamel  If the directions say you can sand in 20 minutes or 3 hours or whatever, it's probably a laquer

My opinion is , you wanna use laquer, because those dry harder faster and allow you to sand and buff the paint, enamel is a pain in the arse to finnish, and is generaly considered a spray and its done type of finnish, hence the label "good for wicker furniture" etc,,,

You may have better luck finding a good laquer in a can at an automotive parts store, re-ranch paint is expensive anyway, and is really just used for bragging rights- I know, I bought 20 cans at once, and haven't been impressed, I've had better results with the cheapest laquer i could find.  Good luck to you
Try and see if there's a MOHAWK distributor near you.

google mohawk finishing and you'll get their info

They have instrument grade clear

also try automotive paint distributors - they might have nitro lacquer available

Lowe stores sell DEFT lacquer, and I've used the full gloss and semi gloss.  The semi gloss is a bit tougher finish than full gloss, and it buffs to full gloss anyway..... so try the semi gloss DEFT (good stuff!~).
Mohawk distributors in Canada are on this page:


Deft doesn't list distributors outside the US, but here is their corporate contact info:

Email:  AskDeft@DeftFinishes.com
Customer Service: Deft, Inc.
Technical Support: 411 East Keystone
Alliance, OH USA 44601
Dealer Inquiries: 800-458-DEFT (3338)
330-821-8019 (FAX)
Corporate Offices: Deft, Inc.
17451 Von Karman Ave.
Irvine, CA USA 92614
800-544-DEFT (3338)
949-474-7269 (FAX)

thanks guys.....so can i use duplicolour stuff??? if so is this the suff you find in places like autozone?
The above mentioned "Cheap paint" was indeed Duplicolor, they dont have a big selection of laquer colors though, at least not in the auto stores. I haven't checked their website.

anyway, that paint went on nice, sanded easy, and buffed well