Finishing with no spray equipment

I'm in the midst of a spray can finish and so far it's been time consuming but looks great.

This is what 8 coats of clear spray shellac look like on a Swamp Ash body.

No stain. No grain filler. Took one can and just a little bit of another.

Sanded lightly between each coat with 1000 grit paper soaked in water with a few drops of dish soap as a lubricant.

With each coat the color keeps deepening and looking more even.

I'm going to let it sit now or a few days and then spray it with StewMac gloss lacquer.

You might wonder what is keeping the guitar from rubbing on the closet door. There's an apple stuck in the tremolo cavity that's keeping it off of the door.
Looks great!
Thanks for your time and response Ragamuffin - I've decided not to go down the spray route and have opted for a wipe-on polyurethane finish - but that still needs polish ingredients and buffing and I have a 7" rotary car buffer ready. What polishing medium did you use please?

I've used car polishes and they've worked terrific