Spalted Strat and Korina JBass


After years of delays and setbacks, and countless hours scouring the Warmoth website, I would like to share my "just of of the box" joy of receiving two long-awaited projects: a Spalted Maple/ Alder Strat and a Padouk/ Black Korina JBass.  I know its been said many times across this forum, but I have no other choice but to join the chorus and say that I was "utterly and completely blown away by every single component that I pulled from that Warmoth shipping box."  I knew the projects were going to be nice, but I wasn't quite prepared for the jaw-dropping that I had to endure. 

Anyways, before I go any further, I wanted to convey the fact that I am fully aware of the "immorality" involved with top routing a spalted maple top.  So before anyone responds with the "throwing a beer bottle at you" animated emoticon, please realize that I specifically selected a "low spalt" top from the Unique Choice section that would be minimally offended by a top rout.  I simply wanted a spalted maple top, I don't like the look of the S-S-S rear rout, and I have a turtle-shell pickguard pre-wired with Lindy Fralin Blues Specials that has been waiting 4 years for a body.  OK, now that the disclaimers are out of the way ... 

The tobacco burst on the strat is absolutely gorgeous and I was very surprised by the flame in the top and the low weight of the Alder.  Other specs include: cream binding, contoured heel, hardtail, and gold hardware.

For the neck, I jumped on the wenge bandwagon and topped it with a choice Macassar Ebony fretboard.  I simply can't say enough about this neck right out of the box -- it is simply awesome.  The open grain patterns look incredible, and the feel is hard to describe: waxy yet fast along the grain.  The Clapton contour seems to fit my hand perfectly -- providing a bit more support without the "telephone pole" feel that a fatback would provide.  I can't wait to get it strung up.

The JBass is another project that I was able to sneak in before baby #1 arrives in May.  Unfinished Padouk neck with Ebony fretboard and the body is spectacular Padouk on Black Korina.  I plan to go with chrome hardware and a passive pickup arrangement still to be determined.

I could write pages on how pleased I am with the quality and craftmanship of Warmoth products -- but I'd be preaching to the choir.  I'll get more pics out shortly.

sorry about the ridiculous size of the previous pics ... I reduced the size of the originals, but they still posted as ginormous frames.  I'll work that out in future posts.  
Those are great!  Congratulations on a pair of wonderful instruments.

Some advice - take it slow.  I know it's really exciting, but you don't want to blow it with a stripped screw head or cracked headstock or something.

Some other advice - one you have those built, you likely will want more.  Start deciding which of your current guitars you want to part with now!  :icon_biggrin:
Ha, I saw the strat, with the spalt top, and the wenge neck. I thought it was the iconic Warmoth build.. if it had a korina back. Then I saw the bass.

Like Connor said... So much win..
Woah, those are sweet!  I really like the Strat.  The binding is really classy with the spalt top. 
Talk about making an entrance - what a fantastic way to start a custom building obsession, erm, hobby, erm, interest, ah, ..congrats. Don't let anyone give you grief about covering up a bit of rotten maple, either. Those are some great pieces.
Very nice project's!!  A word of caution on pickup selection for the J-Bass build... Research!  I went through a few sets.  Some pickups will not fit the routes, and depending on your bridge selection, pole pieces may not match the string spacing.
Thanks to all for the compliments. I get more excited about these projects daily.

Mayfly: caution will certainly be the order of the day when the assembly starts. I think the guilt associated with wrecking one of these projects would just be unbearable.

Max: I didn't set out specifically to satisfy the "holy trinity" of Warmoth exotics (spalt, wenge, korina) ... but in retrospect, I am certainly glad I did.  Do I now get a secret handshake? decoder ring?

I'm attaching a few more (smaller I hope) images because everybody likes pics (and I don't want any kittens to be killed on account of my slackitude).

Neither of these pictures do Warmoth craftmanship any justice, but I wanted to try to show the off-the-hook grain in the wenge neck and the amazing figuring in the sides of the bass body.