Soycaster II, return of the soy


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It begins.. again..

Just ordered..

with a side of


That would be a pau farro and indian rosewood top, with tiny little maple stripes,

and a BOOOBINGAAAAAAA neck with an ebony board.

I'm having the neck pickup routed for an HB, and going with the planet waves tuners again, 6105 SS Frets.

Ready to take suggestions on pickups and bridges.

So much fun..   :icon_biggrin:

Edit, the details from the sales report for ya to check out.

Standard Telecaster®, Right handed, Pau Ferro on Mahogany, Rear Rout, Pickup Rout: (Humbucker (Neck), None (Middle), Tele (Bridge))Controls: (3 Way Switch (Tele), Volume (Tele), Tone (Tele), X, X, X), , Tele Bridge, 7/8" Side

Telecaster®, Warmoth Pro , Right Handed, Bubinga, Ebony Fretboard, 1 11/16" Nut Width, Standard thin, SS6105 (Stainless), Planet Waves(13/32") Tuner Ream, 22 frets, 10-16" compound Radius, Mother Of Pearl Inlay, Graphite, 25-1/2 in. Scale
Told you I wouldn't say anything  :icon_thumright:

Hmm... a neck HB tele? That seems fine. How about a Fralin tele bridge, and a dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF? :laughing7:
stag mag in the neck, and some sort of slightly over-wound single coil tele pickup in the bridge. I love my stag mags!

My only suggestion is - can you make one for me too? 
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Joe Barden makes a high quality and reasonable bridge as well with compensated brass saddles. I love my Lollar special T bridge pup, but I've never head a real, traditional tele neck pup that I liked much. The Bill Lawrence Keystone in my baritone tele is more like a 'hi-fi' strat neck sound than anything else.
I LOVE that wood.  Stock piling some cash now for my next build.  It will definitely be a tele.  I really want a B-bender but I don't think I could tackle the job as Trevor has done on his paisley.  (jealous). :glasses9:
I've asked young maxter to draft me up some pics for hardware ideas as well.

Not sure gold or chrome.. Always open to suggestion peoples!  :hello2:
I just pulled these parts for you.  Everyone looked at that combo and agreed that this is going to be a first-class build.  Congratulations!  Don't forget to post pix when you get her put together!

Got lazy at some parts, but oh, well. I'd normally do better, but it's pretty hard to find black flat-top knobs, top-down.
If you like twanging, keep a tele style bridge pup, if you want to rock it, consider a DiMarzio Tone Zone T.  I have one in my Tele and it RAWKS!  :icon_thumright: