Soloist body control cavity route



I'm looking at doing a Soloist build and have a question on the control cavity.  I am only looking at putting in a volume knob and a 3-way pickup toggle switch.  The normal control cavity route leaves alot of room that I don't need.  So here's my question.  Do I gain alot tone-wise by cutting my own control cavity that is much smaller than the normal route?  Or is it not worth the hassle?  I have all the tools needed to do it, but I would have to think about access to the input jack, making my own cover plate, etc.  It seems like alot of wood gets cut out there, and I'd like to avoid it since I don't need as much space.


Man I hate when no one replies. He is my 2 cents worth. I was in the same boat. I don't think it is worth the hassle. There are greater things to consider as far as tone, than a bit of wood, anything from hardware to skill and technique. If you do a custom route you will also need a custom cover. After you finish, a couple of days later you will want to make some other changes. Its an addiction thing, never satisfied, concentric pots, switches etc. You'll have to mess with covering the body somehow while routing some more. In my case, I did a seperate route for the output jack and used a Gibson switch cover. I'm the kind of person that had to at least try it once, but next time I will do the regular route. Take a look.


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Thanks for the response.  I think I am going to try it on one of my bodies just to see how it comes out.
yeah man, just get the standard routing.    Because i don't kno if you've thought about this already---------> but you can hide your weed in all thar extra space.        :rock-on:
Personally I'd go for the standard routing because I'd be afraid of routing too deep and coming out the other side. Even if you don't you have to get the right amount of wood for the pot and switch to screw into.
Not a slam at all here, but it's funny what we think might help to make that perfect one size fits all guitar. I went through it too. I did the every damn switch combination, series, parallel, this one, that one, push/pull  push/push pots, one pot 3 pots, mono stereo etc...

The final result, or opinion. simple is best. I suspect your route will follow the same course. Theres a reason things that are, are the way they are, better people than us have figured it out