So if Sandy Claws is good to me this year....


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He'll leave a little somethin' somethin' for me to get started on this baby!


All these Thinline's being built around here has me craving one for myself.  She'll be Black Korina of course, with a Flamed Maple top finished clear.  I'm thinking a Wenge/Ebony neck since everyone raves about them, 1-5/8" width, Wolfgang back contour.  The only thing I can't decide on is the P90's.  I love my Rio's and I know they'll sound good if I go that rout, but I was wondering about something with a bit more of a vintage wind.  Less mids and sweeter cleans.  AlNiCo II, V, or Ceramic magnets?  I don't know anything about P90's, so any advice is greatly appreciated.  Everything will be custom ordered, so I don't have to make that decision for a while, but I would still like your opinions.

Great looking guitar and I’m with you, 2008 will be a Thinline year for me too.  I am up in the air about traditional pickups or P90’s but I’m in on the Thinline craze. For pickups I have found ceramic magnets to be to harsh for me, I prefer Alnico in my speakers and pickups.  I’ll be doing a 5A flame top on a swamp ash body with double binding.  I’m thinking a 5A maple neck with Brazilian board to top it off.

WE ARE ALL SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, man, when I found out they had gift certificates, I told everyone I know all I want for the holidays (my birthday is in december as well) was more Warmoth.  I'll see what I can get going with what this festive season brings, I am almost sure that it's gonna be a Tele.  I guess we all have got thinlines on the brain.  Good luck to you, that mock-up looks killer! 
My thinline body arrived today (walnut with p90 neck), I'll have about a month to get it finished up before the neck comes (all rosewood with block inlays). Very exciting!