So I love my Swampy Strat...


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But it doesn't really ooze what I would call a Stratty vibe.  Don't get me wrong, I still think it's gorgeous, but I've come to the conclusion that it would be better suited fulfilling other needs whilst still retaining that inherent Strat comfort.  I'm about 99% percent sure that I want to yank the Rio Grandes out of it and drop a set of Dimarzio EJ Customs into her.  She would then be my psuedo Gretschy/Rickenbacker guitar for all sorts of neato clean and semi dirty tones that you can't get from a conventional Stratocaster.

The Rio Grandes would be transplanted into something that looks a a bit like this:

This will be my bluesy/heavier rockin' Strat with less chime and more grind.  I'm thinking hollow alder body, and Callaham hardware.  I really love that Seafoam Green, and wish that Warmoth offered it as an option, but alas, I shall probably be reduced to taking it to a local guy.

My second Strat would look a bit like this.

I just love the combo of Olympic White and Adonized Gold.  IMNSHO, it's a very classy and underrated look (but I'm sure there are those who hate it).  She'll be hollow Swamp Ash with a Maple on Maple neck and some sort of really good, low output pickups.  My other Strat will take care of the really girthy tones, this one is going to be all about the quack, cluck and chime.  I'm seriously considering the new Dimarzio Area '67s, but I'm up for any and all suggestions within reason.  I absolutely refuse to drop more than about $225 on a set of standard single coil pickups, and that's pushing it.  I can sort of understand for stacked coil designs as they are really humbuckers, but not regular single coils, they're not THAT good.

This of course is quite a ways from happening, but I've been tossing ideas around for my next builds for the better part of a year now, and this is what I think I've finally decided on to build next.  I still NEED an LP Special and a good Telecaster, but nothing in the world feels as good in my hands as a well thought out Stratocaster.



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I'm likely to do a seafoam strat next time also.

Now, personally  I like the seafoam... although it might not be my first choice.  But, while watching the 2007 Crossroads video, my wife absolutely loved Winwood's strat.  So if I am going to do another one, its probably going to have to be that.  Domestic harmony and all, ya'know?  :icon_tongue:

[And BTW, I really dug Winwood's guitar playing on that.  Man, he just smoked... nothing fancy, just "right".  And I always thought he was essentially a keyboard player who sometimes picked up the guitar]

Anyway, what kind of Rio Grandes do you have?  I just ordered a tallboy/muy grande humbucking set for HxH strat.  I have fingers crossed - I'm a little worried they might be too hot for my tastes, but went for them based on the hype of their single coil tone when split.



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I would love the 1st one, with a whit pearloid pg.
The second one reminds me of David Gilmour's #0001 and is high on my list of guitars to replicate!


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Hey RadsRock,
I have the Mid Bottom Set (Tallboy-Tallboy-Halfbreed), and they are sweet!  Searing Stevie Ray tone every day of the week, and quite a few more too.  They've got that single coil, bell tone bounciness to them, but it's fatter.  Mid midrange, more low end.  They drive my amp into natural overdrive quite easily and it's oh so smooth.  I've also got the Halfbreed wired up to a dedicated tone pot so that I can tame the icepick, and it's great for all sorts of snarly rock tones that most people don't consider when they think of Stratocasters.  I love 'em, but that sound just doesn't fit with the overall vibe of my swampy Strat.