5 strings?  That's kid stuff.



... and more, for guys with more elaborate hats (pirate hats, pope hats, etc.)
I know I'm a little late with this
but I know exactly how to settle this arguement

think about it

in the RED corner
we've got CB who's got almost 2k posts
builds a number of guitars
and virtually pwns this board


and in the BLUE corner
we've got T.L who's got an alleged 23+ years playing
and most likely building guitars (otherwise what the hell COULD he know about ridiculously subtle fingerboard-tone differences)
and has had lousy attitude on this board ever since I found out he existed

we need to get 'em both in the same place at the same time
with an ill drummer going crazy on demand
and an ill bassist providing simple backing root notes

grab your #1
stand up
and play till someone loses

in fact
why not have some REAL fun and make a member poll
and we'll all vote for who we think would win
get an idea on how EVERYBODY feels

:laughing8: how's THAT for poking fun?

welcome to thunder dome, b*tch

******and virtually pwns this board******

No, no, no and NO

Been playing since 72, and I suck.  Been refinishing since the mid 80's, and I'm getting at it every time.  Been ordering and assembling parts since the mid 90s (all W by the way, new and/or "as new").  I build my own amps.  I've built some cabinets from scratch, but not recently.  I cover my own cabinets.  I build my own effects (mostly).  Yes, what I suck at on playing... I try to compensate for in the tech side of things <gg>. 

But I dont pwn this board, or even want to.

Folks - its YOUR board.  Gregg just pays the rent and makes sure its kept up.  YOU are the movers and shakers.  Some folks hang here, some folks hit it for a quick question, some come and go... but all participants are the ones who make it work, and the work is theirs, not mine (and Jack has more posts anyway....).

I've been cursed with the "I've got to know" gene, and its held me back my whole life.  When you have an interest, what good is it unless you share what you've learned with others?  And its an un-ending chain.  Learn.... pass it on.  But also, I've learned to try and filter the hyperbole from reality.... usually by following the money!~ 

Y'all are a great bunch of enthusiasts.  I mean it!~~  I dont mind going head to head against any idea or principle or factoid or superstition....  but at the end of the day.... don't attack, demean, belittle, berate, denigrate, abuse, slander....the individual.  And if you're gonna tell a joke - try and make damn sure as many folks as possible understand its a joke.  Sarcasm is great for humor... the more flippant the better~~  But more important at the end of the day, when the spirited discussion is over... be ready to lift yer glass with the person you had a good honest and fair debate with, and agree to disagree, and debate again some other day.

I think I've made my self clear here.  I hope y'all understand...  :eek:ccasion14:
RLW said:
dbw said:
No need to fling mud.  Except at Schmoopy, you can fling mud at him all you want.  :D

Don't be mean to Schmoop, he's the only bass player I've ever met who doesn't wear an aluminum foil beanie.

no need, coated the ceilings with the stuff years ago, except, now i cant get a cell phone signal, or leave the house. the guy in the black van out front got pissed and left months ago.
I don't have a "lousy attitude", and never did. I apologize to whoever I've offended. I did not come here to make enemies...

-CB- said:
.....and play till someone loses....

What if we play till the other guy hurls?

Damn, I really don't wanna hurl.  Hey, I'm no great player. My years have just made me very familiar with guitars themselves, and given me time to develop personal preferences. I don't have the balls to go against you in a "Crossroads" contest...
Then have a Drambuie on the house....... and a Newcastles Brown Stout as a chaser.....
Hey CB, I know you're pretty sophisticated about technology, but I feel the need to tell can't buy someone a drink over the internet.  :toothy11: :-\ :sad1:
tfarny said:
Hey CB, I know you're pretty sophisticated about technology, but I feel the need to tell can't buy someone a drink over the internet.  :toothy11: :-\ :sad1:

I'm workin on more bandwidth... we'll be there soon....
Just my 2 cents:

rosewood is not maple, and thats not ebony too. all 3 are different woods. grow differently, have a different degree of hardness and stiffness, and that makes all those woods unique. BUT!

there is a difference even between species of wood, even between different billets of wood taken from the same tree! that makes all those woods have their own characteristics. all these woods are different and act different. That ebony will 'work' indeffinitly is not true. for example, I've never seen a fretboard on a '57 custom that was too small for the neck, or made the neck warp. ebony just has to 'stay put' for some years before you can work it.

That different kinds wood for fretboards makes up for changes in tone is for me undeniable. but the changes are just very, very small. the neck is a piece of wood, almost an inch thick. the fretboard is just a slab of wood, perhaps at most 1/4 of an inch. its like having a sandwich with cheese, or having a sandwich with cheese and butter. the butter makes a little difference in taste. same thing with the fretboard. the neck is the sandwich+cheese, the butter is the fretboard.

Or to put it in a more scientific way: you have to figure out the resonancefrequency of the neck. how much does it differ between a maple/maple neck and a maple/rosewood neck? that a goncalo alves neck will be something completely different is imho very obvious. but the difference between RW and maple, as fretboards, with regards to resonance, is very small. afterall, the main portion to make up for the resonance is the maple neckback. I believe that a thicker neckshaft will make more changes to your tone than a rosewood fingerboard on an equally thick maple nek if the other neck has a maple board.

the difference is very small, let me tell you that. I once took out a stratneck with maple and RW boards, by experimentation figured out the resonance peak (forgot what it was) but it was all in the same ballpark.

Its just that these differences are very, very small. if you here them, cool! if you dont hear them, cool too! I hear it, but the difference is just so tiny, I just take always ebony boards because the feel slicker, and it looks more neat on my guitar. I like black boards.