Single coil sized humbuckers.


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Would you use 500k or 250k pots with mini humbuckers like the Little 59 or JB junior?

As these are, in most ways "true" humbuckers I would probably lean towards the 500s but on the SD wiring diagrams for Tele I see hes using 250s?

I'm using 2 of these mini hums on my new tele, one lil 59 and a vintage rails at the neck. Which pots would be more suitable?
I'd use a 500K for volume; tone could be either 250 or 500K; .022 cap for 250K tone; .047 for 500K
The 500K vol/250K tone pot with .022 cap is Gibson type config; other version will be more Fenderish...
Thanks, Its interesting going thru the fender wiring diagrams. Some humbucker equipped guitars seem to go for the 500ks and some for the 250k.

Like I'd of expected a hard rock guitarist like John5 to have 500ks but his sig is equipped with 2 250k volume pots:

While as lots of the stock fat strats and stuff go for the 500k setup you recommend.

Surely the J5 then would have less treble response then? 
Not familiar with that J5 Tele; but over the years Fender has been from time to time all over the map with Tele pot values; OEM on the '72 Deluxes with the fat HBs was 1meg pots...

A higher pot value will usually roll off MORE treble than one of lower resistance; inductance of the PUs, cap values, etc can be varibles in the equation...

Heres a pic of the J5 I'm talking about. Still not a fan of that headstock!
I didn't like the headstock at first but it really has grown on me. Maybe it's just a mental thing but the added mass would probably help sustain.