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Hey newb poster here but longtime lurker of the board and even longer fan of warmoth.  So i been dying to make a warmoth strat for years now.  Finally decided i have the money to start it and am looking to order a body after the new year.  So my deal was that i was gonna get some extra routing done for a recessed OFR and Humbucker route done on an existing showcase body.  From the time i order it online from the showcase about how long is the turnaround time for the extra routing gonna be and the average shipping time from then to my doorstep.. I live in NY just outside NYC.  Thanks in advance guys.



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Timing of deliveries is probably going to be interrupted by a Christmas break. Not sure if Warmoth will work through the week of Christmas, and if they don't, it will slow things down a while.

Obviously by buying a showcase body, they are more than half way finished, but it will still have to go into the shop for those alterations. And it will be behind other work, for sure. Would it be possible to check the Showcase and see if one is already available with the exact specs. you require?

Best thing to do is to ring Warmoth before ordering and ask them the questions you have put here. I doubt they can give you exact days etc. on when the body will end up shipped, but they could possibly give you a 'guesstimate' on the timing.

Many of us here feel that the wait for a new neck or body is about the worse part of building a Warmoth guitar! Many of us find the wait excruciating, even if the wait turns out to be only a couple of weeks.


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I think Warmoth says allow 3-5 (?) weeks, but they usually show up in under 2 weeks.  Like Ozzie said, Christmas and New Years might complicate it a little. (edit: I guess not since you said you're waiting til 2009. :))


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We've been getting socked hard with snow and freezing conditions over the week, with a few folks getting stuck at home because of it, but we're still here going strong.  Just realize that UPS & USPS are not making any holiday guarantees, nor can we.  We'll be closed on Christmas day, but the day after Christmas will be a normal work day.