Any recent Aussie customers?


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G'day folks. 

Looking for feedback from recent Warmoth customers from Australia.

Any comment on current shipping turnaround times? If I were to order something in the next week, what is a realistic timeframe to my doorstep?

Well aware that shipping delays are par for course at the moment.  Just wondering if they're predictable delays, or if it's all over the spectrum for each case.



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I haven't ordered anything from Warmoth since the middle of 2020.  However UPS and Fedex have mostly reliable service from US to Australia.  I would only expect an additional 2~3 days delay compared to prior the pandemic.  If you rely on the postal service, then it will be a lot slower and customs clearance is likely to take a lot longer as well.  I ordered car parts from the US using Fedex more recently and it was only a couple of days slower than before.  I hope that is still true and you have a good experience!


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In addition to shipping time of course you need to factor in how long between the order being placed and it being shipped which is more difficult to predict depending on what has been ordered etc. Currently Warmoth mention 2-4 weeks longer than published times.

There is a thread where some have mentioned how long their orders took. Perhaps take a look at the last couple of pages to get an idea.

Current Warmoth lead times?


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The lead times thread has been excellent for having an idea of lead times for similar orders.

Unfinished orders have been tracking on 6-8 weeks from order date to ship date. I was paying close attention to those as that's what I order, my recent all maple / unfinished was 44 days, beating the 49 days I'd been guessing.

Parts that have been painted / varnished are running more like 13 weeks, I couldn't quote a range because I only read those in passing.

An unfinished body I ordered last March took 9 weeks, but that was when lots of businesses were wrestling with a pre- vaccine surge.


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Ordered some pickguards a couple of months back. Turnaround, I think, was only a couple of weeks BUT it was then sent by USPS and that's where troubles started. For some reason the despatch number was done numerous times. Then when it was sent, only part of my address was picked up by the scanning.

Surprisingly, the package made it to Australia BUT because of the incomplete address, it got sent back & lost. By then I contacted Warmoth and they promptly replaced the order once they knew it was being sent back, incomplete address. This time it was sent by courier and got here within a week once it was despatched. That was the first time an order got lost and it was in the same week that a Stew Mac order - also being sent by USPS - got lost, somewhere between Chicago & Australia.

I now pay extra to send it via tracking courier if I buy anything now. USPS appears now incapable of managing the heavy load of deliveries and the AusPost is hit and miss too .