Showcase Koa Jazzmaster just in! Plus a Jazzmaster question for y'all.


Succumbed to the temptation and bought the Koa Jazzmaster that was in the showcase. Arrived within 2 weeks which is great. This isn't my first build, but it is my first Jazzmaster, so I have a question for you guys about the routing: the pickup routing seems shallower than I'm used to (strats, teles, etc.) albeit normal for Jazzmasters and I'm wondering if it'd be a good idea for me to sand down the lacquer in the routed sections, given that I'm going to be shielding with copper tape and I don't want to make everything too tight in there. I'm guessing even a few millimeters of sanding would make things significantly less cramped (once I get the pickup foam, etc. in there).

Also - cosmetic advice question: do you guys think the parchment pickguard or black works best? I did the black's Costello vibes, but I think I'm leaning on the parchment for a sort of softer, Hawaiian surf-Koa vibe. Let me know your take.



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Forgot another question: grounding the bridge. I thought I'd need to ground the thimbles for the bridge, but the hole they drilled goes to the vibrato cavity. Is that fine - i.e. grounding the vibrato but not the bridge? Thanks again!
I've built two Jazzmasters and in both cases I had to remove the finish from the sides of the pickup routes in order for the pickup covers to fit in the profiles. As for sanding down the bottom of the route for additional room, it won't hurt anything but will have to be taken into account when mounting the pickups. Leave enough meat for the screws to get a bite and keep in mind that a few mm is also the difference between way too much padding and not nearly enough.

I'm partial to black on Black Korina myself, but I may be biased....
I personally like the black, but really it's a mater of taste with this one