Shimming a Floyd Rose for a compound radius


I need to adjust an OFR for a 12-16 compound radius neck.  Has anyone done this?  I have heard that I need to put shims under the E,A, B, and E saddles.  Anyone have experience with this?  Thanks
I would be interested in hearing this.  I just installed a OFR and the action seems to be OK.  The low E could use a bit....
You can search this forum, and a google of "Floyd Rose bridge shims" turned up a few things. It's "normal" to put three 2mm shims under the outer strings, and one 2mm shim under the A and B strings to flatten it out to the 19" or so that is needed at the bridge. It's easy to find 2mm brass sheet, too... + kitchen scissors, there you go. :hello2:

Thanks,  I guess 3 shims on the e's  and 1 on the a & b will make an 18 radius, whereas 2 on the e's and 1 on the a & b will make a 16 radius.  I guess I'll have to try both and see which is better.
I adjusted my bridge and all seems ok.  Maybe I am confused....with a radius neck, are not the high spots on the 3rd and 4th strings?  Shouldn't those be shimmed instead so you can get lower action on the "ouside" strings??
Of all my guitars I've built with Floyd's and Warmoth 10-16" radius necks, I've never had to shim any of them at the saddles. The only one I had to shim any at all was a tele i did that wasn't cut with an angle in the neck pocket. And I had to shim the nut  on that one...The rest are just as they arrived, and I have no issues at all....
There was a thread floating around here that had a chart on how many shims to put under the saddles for different fretboard radius.  It was really helpful for me a while back when i was building my soloist.  first guitar I had ever set up and the action was perfect, right off the bat.