Shadows legend plays Warmoth


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My mate Dick, who lives in England, came over here to Australia for a visit earlier this year and took one of my basses back with him. He has been a fan of 'The Shadows' for longer than I've known him. This band started off in the fifties and they still have Shadows clubs all over the place where guys play Shadows tunes, form tribute bands and go to Shadowmania conventions, it's a real big deal. Anyway, Dick sent me this picture which is rather neat. The distinguished looking gentleman playing the Warmoth bass I built for Dick is Mr. Brian "Licorice" Locking who joined The Shadows in the early 60's replacing Jet Harris, and played on many of their best selling tunes.
He also sent a picture of himself holding the first Fender Strat to arrive in UK. It was originally used by Hank Marvin but now owned by Dicks mate...Bruce Welch.


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I love basses like that (50's P-Bass...big pickguard, Tele headstock, that little two-knob control plate, etc.). I'm generally not that into exotic woods and natural finishes (I'm more a fan of opaque colors in metallics, candy, sparkle, etc.), but I like everything else on the bass. Looks very classy and elegant. I even like that old bridge and pickup cover hardware. It "works" on that bass.

I bet it sounds as nice as it can just tell it does.  :icon_smile:
I love the Shadows!  Hank Marvin should be just as well known here as Dick Dale or Link Wray.  That's a cool picture, and it's nice to see that you used some wood that was exported from your country, only to be imported back in as a gorgeous bass body!  Now it's in the UK, man that log has travelled more than me.  :laughing8: