SG almost completed;


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Body: Warmoth 1 ¾” HARD ROCK Maple SG – Tung oiled (eBay).
Neck: Warmoth 24 ¾” Canary/Ebony, SS6105, PW’s – also “tunged” (Showcase).
Electronics: Rio Grande TX/BBQ, 6-way rotary’s for pickup/coil taps 1 vol, 1 tone.
Schmoopy said:
but how does it sound?

Sounds great - very versatile, incredible sustain, the RG's have now become my favorite humbuckers - used to be SD's.
Neck feels wonderful. In fact, I think that is what Warmoth does better than anyone else - neck fabrication, second is their finishes.
Definitely on the heavy side though.
That's a howler mate, love it! Tell us about the switch, where did you get it? I want one. :blob7:
The switches are 6 way 4 pole, 1 for each pickup, 1 for Master, from Stew Mac wired;
Bridge and Neck;
1. Humbucker Series
2. Single Coil
3. Humbucker Parallel
4. Humbucker Series - out of Phase
5. Single Coil - out of Phase
6. Humbucker Parallel - out of Phase

1. Neck only
2. Neck/Bridge in parallel
3. Bridge only
4. Neck/Bridge in series
5. Neck/Bridge in parallel (out of phase)
6. Neck/Bridge in series (out of phase)

Some quick clips;
TX/BBQ Tapped:

SG, ash, black pickguard, Telecaster controls~  Telecaster BRIDGE.....  the thought of a SGcaster... hmmm.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (moi).......
coin toss... can be tele to be rude, can be gibson to be... equally, but differently rude.
Excellent looking guitar!  All Natural.  Reminds me of this "Granola-Girl"(modern hippy chic) I dated in Kona.  Beautiful long hair, Tan, and not a tattoo to be found.  Ahhh...sweet memories. :doh:

Anyhow...that's badass.  Turn it up. :guitaristgif: