Pic Heavy/Finally Completed.. L.O.F, Copperhead Soloist, Warmoth Revamp and SRG


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Finally completed the L.O.F. (Lake of Fire) SuperStrat, Copperhead Soloist and the "revamp" of the Warmoth I built about a year ago. Also included a shot of the Warmoth Strat I built that will, at some point, get some more lovin' on the neck with a fret end dress, etc..  Figured I would just put them all in one thread, rather than spread them all out.  So, here is my Warmoth collection thus far along with a gratuitous pic of the guitar room.  Sorry, this is going to be pic heavy.

L.O.F. SuperStrat:

Warmoth Amber Dye Factory finished and chambered Strat body, quilt maple over super light alder (3.5 lbs. before routing it for pickups/trem, etc.)
Warmoth Modern Construction neck in Mahogany/Walnut/Not really sure, with ebony fretboard. Standard thin, 10-16 radius with 6105 SS frets and Sperzel locking tuners.
Original Floyd Rose Trem
Dimarzio Super 3 in the bridge, and a Dimarzio Liquifire in the neck
500K Bourns solid shaft mini pots w/15 microfarad cap and Switchcraft 3-way toggle and output jack.

Copperhead Soloist

Warmoth factory finished Archtop Soloist body. Quilt maple over swamp ash. Bought this body and the Mahogany/Walnut/Not Sure neck that's on the L.O.F. Strat off of Ebay.  The top of the body was pretty dinged up so I stripped the top only and refinished with leather dyes into the "Copperhead" finish, Topped it off with somewhere between 6-10 coats of Tung Oil.
Warmoth Modern Construction neck.  Rosewood over plain maple, Standard Thin contour 10-16 radius with 6150 frets and Sperzel locking tuners.
Original Floyd Rose "1984" Trem
Dimarzio Tone Zone in the Bridge
500K Bourns solid shaft mini pot for the volume only setup.

Warmoth "Revamp" Super Strat

Custom built/ordered Warmoth Chambered Strat body, flamed maple over alder.  My first attempt at a dyed finish, with an automotive 2K clear... that didn't quite turn out like I had planned.  Turned it into a somewhat "relic" finish.  Body was originally routed for a humbucker bridge and single coil neck, but I re-routed it for double humbuckers (before and after pics below).
Warmoth Modern Construction neck.  Rosewood over birdseye maple, standard thin contour with 10-16 radius and 6100 frets and Sperzel locking tuners.
Original Floyd Rose Trem from the mid-late 80's that was a little crusty to more align with the "relic" theme.
Non F-Spaced Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz setup in this one
500K bourns solid shaft mini pots w/22 microfarad cap and Switchcraft 3-way toggle and output jack.

And last but not least..

Warmoth SRG Strat (my take on the SRV Strat)

Warmoth Factory Tobacco Burst finished Strat body, not chambered.  Quilt maple over Swamp Ash. S/S/S routing under the pickguard and vintage 6 hole for the trem.  I wanted to build a more "me" version of the SRV Strat.. even though it doesn't share much in the way of specs, with the exception of the Pau Ferro fretboard. LOL
Warmoth Modern Construction Neck.  Pau Ferro over plain maple, standard thin contour, 10-16 radius with 6150 frets and Sperzel locking tuners.
Wilkinson Contemporary 5+1 Strat Trem
Pre-wired/Loaded Twilight Guitars Fender 57/62 Pickguard


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Wow what a Warmoth Wall!


(I had to stay alliterative). In all seriousness, extremely impressive!
Fantastico! But needs more Warmoth, and a cowbell........... :headbang: :toothy10:
Thanks again!  Been working on a couple of other non-guitar projects (but guitar related) and trying to find time to work on the neck of the SRG and get those fret ends taken care of.