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(A compilation from the previous EZBoard Warmoth board)

Here's a few references

(Warmoth body/neck)

(Warmoth body/neck)

(Warmoth body/neck)

(Warmoth body, custom neck)

(custom body/neck)

(custom body/neck)

a new bass that went out 12/26/06

(Warmoth body/neck)

a Dark Star upgrade to an Ibanez Artcore that I just wrapped up

another one that wrapped up as soon as I got the neck fretted and the Dark Star pickup hole routed in the pickguard


this one is a nitro finished Alder body with maple/birdseye neck, Dark Star DS-3 pickup, and passive controls

Edited to add a final shot before this headed out the door:

In Feb 2007 assembled an 'eBay parts project' for a client in Nashville, TN. The guy wanted a Dark Star loaded P-bass, and had preference for a '57 RI Alder body and a '62 RI P-bass neck with Rosewood fretboard. Add in a Hipshot Vintage bent plate bridge, a Dark Star DS-3, a pair of passive tone controls per vintage specs, and a P-bass pickguard minus the pickup route from Warmoth ....


I kept the pickup route centered on the P-bass sweetspot, and shielded it with three coats of shielding paint.


Thanks to all who have entrusted their projects to me - I look forward to continuing my commitments to you and the basses I made for you. It's been an honor to have been entrusted to bring your dream bass into reality

All the best,

another custom bass ready to roll out the door


and for comparison, here it is with a prototype black pickguard to test my template fit


This bass features

* 2-piece Alder body with oil finish
* Maple/Birdseye 20-fret 34" scale neck
   + zero fret and bone nut (1-9/16" width)
   + dual action trussrod
   + side dot markers only
   + 12" radius fretboard
   + threaded steel inserts for attachment to body
   + med jumbo fretwire
   + radiused fretboard edge for that well worn vintage feel
* Dark Star DS-3 pickup
* Hipshot Ultralight tuners
* Hipshot Vintage bent plate bridge
* CTS 250K pots for Vol/Tone and Orange Drop .047uf 400v cap
* custom design pickguard
* chrome hardware
* star grounding

This is the first bass in my first standard model configuration. I have a few potential options in mind (like a second Dark Star with stacked pots, a thumb rest, a 21-fret neck, custom body colors, etc ...) that I'm still weighing whether to offer, but this is it. Those who have test driven this bass have unanimously said that no options/modifications are needed (thanks to those who've tested this and provided your feedback!) so I feel like I managed to accommodate all of the suggestions I received from those who drove its prototype predecessors

I'll be ramping up production to have a few of these on-hand once I get my Charlotte shop up and running. I'll also be offering a '62 P influenced version (see the black DS loaded bass above) as a second standard model as well.

Loads to get done, and soooo little time to do it!

(Update 15 May 2007)

Here's a clip played fingerstyle in accompanyment to a somewhat lame midi track of Stevie's Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This was just bass -> DI -> console (no effects, no compressors, no EQ)

the guy who played the trac said it had been about 11 years since he last played this song, and this was his first take.

and for the more adventurous, a little slap with all of the same recording settings - this time with a simple drum loop and another first take of whatever came to mind

There is definitely a LOAD of versitility with Fred's Dark Stars!!

all the best,

it's looking like my relocation to Charlotte is going to be postponed yet again :(  good news is that my day-job work is going strong, and that in turn is keeping me here in Seattle for another year

I will begin taking on new projects come Jan 2009

all the best,

may I suggest using Tor-tis for your signature pickguard material. :headbang1:
two new basses in the works for early 2009 delivery

Alder body, custom Maple/Birdseye neck with graphite reinforcement, Nordstrand NP-4 pickup, Hipshot Type A 19mm bridge, Hipshot Ultralights with de-tuner key, 21 fret neck with 12" fretboard radius and zero-fret, .047uf Sprague Orange Drop tone cap



Swamp Ash with figured Maple drop-top, custom Maple/Birdseye 21-fret neck with graphite reinforcement, Nordstrand RWRP Big Singles pickup set, Hipshot type A 19mm bridge, Hipshot Ultralights, bypassable 18v Aguilar OBP-1 pre-amp, Vol/Blend/Tone + active Bass/Treble controls



all the best,

I have openings for three one last new bass projects this first quarter of 2009, and will begin accepting work on these in Feb 2009. Completed projects will be posted here unless the owner prefers to have their project kept away from public eyes

all the best,

I would greatly suggest him! Rod seems a incredible nice guy and is giving me a LOT of hints for a bass project I'm probably running in middle of the year!
If I discover I'm a cr@p at luthiery, if I ever buy a bass will be from him!
Just want to see pics of the Padouk necked bass

Keep going Rod! :icon_thumright:

since the Padouk necked bass is not one I built, but one that was built for me, I'll send you the image via PM if that's OK

all the best,

hi guys,

ere's something that is just wrapping up at the SkuttleFunk ranch. I should have this to a studio to record a few soundclips within the week, and then it'll be up for sale - some lefty is really gonna get their socks knocked off with this one  :blob7:




all the best,

You put a pickguard and control plate on it... mah... mah.... C'MON PEOPLE, LET'S HANG HIM!!!!!! :laughing7:
NonsenseTele said:
You put a pickguard and control plate on it... mah... mah.... C'MON PEOPLE, LET'S HANG HIM!!!!!! :laughing7:
Sorry, Nando, but I've got a control plate and 'guard on my tele!

btw, pics soon.
NonsenseTele said:
You put a pickguard and control plate on it... mah... mah.... C'MON PEOPLE, LET'S HANG HIM!!!!!! :laughing7:

no sir! I was actually able to use what would have otherwise been a reject top headed for the burn pile by utilizing a pickguard - really!

fwiw theres a mineral stain about the size of a nickel on one side of the bookmatch and about the size of a pea on the other ... and it was really distracting to the eye. the pickguard eliminates this distraction and ties it all together


all the best,

Max said:
NonsenseTele said:
You put a pickguard and control plate on it... mah... mah.... C'MON PEOPLE, LET'S HANG HIM!!!!!! :laughing7:
Sorry, Nando, but I've got a control plate and 'guard on my tele!

Your tele don't have a Quilted Maple top with that nice finish :p

Ok Rod, I forgive you, this time only  :laughing7:
Big singles on it?
NonsenseTele said:
Ok Rod, I forgive you, this time only  :laughing7:
Big singles on it?

Whew!! I can once again walk down dark streets without looking over my shoulder in fear!  :glasses9:

yes - Big Singles in an EMG35 shell

all the best,