Scale length measure question


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I received my shipment from Warmoth. (I took pictures and will get them up when I get back to town  :toothy10: )  I'm at a friends to do all the drilling for the pickguard and tuners.  I put the neck on making sure that it's touching the body.  I measured from the center of the bridge to the center of the nut as suggested and it measure about a 1/16" too above 25 1/2" (25 9/16").  Will this be ok?  Did I do something wrong?  Any suggestions?

I know this things are made on CNC machines.  It's not like it's just some guy randomly cutting them out so I realize the problem is most likely on my side.  hehe.

Thanks for any assistance!

Funky Phil

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How far from the front of the bridge did you measure from (perhaps from the saddle string break point?)
The measured length will always be a bit more than quoted scale length, as this extra bit is for intonation compensation.