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Just assembling my Tele. Since my knowledge about electronics is about following diagrams can you tell me guys what difference is between those two: Fender texas special and SD standard tele as linked below, i can see a different cap value, different wiring of tone pot  and totally different way of attaching wires to the switch but do they change sound like pararell/series, phase etc. Which one would you recomend for a sood sounding standard tele wiring. The pickups i have are tele texas specials.

The first one shows the wiring for series combination in the central switch position.
The second one is the usual parallel combination.

There is a 4-way switch (Allparts EP_4374-000) which allows both series and parallel combinations, as well as the individual pickups.

thanks for clear, precise and full answer, that way when i use a 4 way switch will be able to achieve both options.
Another thing. I will experiment with cap value and the one i have is .022 and need to try with .047. As far as i'm concerned this should give more treble to the sound. The only .047 i could get at my local electronics store was a MKT type cap. Don't know whether that type fits guitar wiring. See the picture. A match on the pot legs to compare its size.


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I can highly recommend the the 4 way tele switching.  I love it.
Another question: SD diagram for Tele 4 way switch allows bridge/b&n parallel/neck/b&n series sequence, is there any possibility to change the sequence so that sinle pickups are on edge positions and mixed ones in the middle? Seems to more instinctive way.
the sequence
b+n parra
b+n series

works pretty good for me.  No problems figuring it out.  Though the other way would work ok too. 
I like having the n + b series option in the forward-most position, because it is the darkest and loudest sounding of the four. It's very "wooly" sounding to my ears, good for leads high up on the neck. It sounds like a neck humbucker to me.
not that easy, turn around would still make neck pickup somwhere between and not an edge position.
With the 4-way switch, you can have the pickup selections in any order...
Just substitute the wiring (on both sides).

The most logical choice is to have the two combinations in the middle, but switching from series to parallel (and visa versa) is always noisy, so I guess that's why Fender suggest their order of combinations.  :dontknow:
you may be right, i got it by mail this afternoon and gonna solder tomorrow. i'll see if the original sequence is as bad as i think and then will decide.
Cool mod, the series mod sounds great, reminds me of the sound you can hear on More than one way home solo by Keb Mo.