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I discovered this forum this week, and it's something I have needed for a while.  There is a wealth of knowledge that is so valuable.  I apologize for the volume of my recent posts - I am merely trying to use this forum to further my knowledge and improve my guitars.

I've been rocking this wiring job for about 2 months now, and It's been modified four or five times to land where it is.  It was originally Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials, and now it's all Dimarzio pickups.  I love the tones I get out of this guitar, and I don't have any qualms with the setup.  I'm just wondering, since I did this 100% by myself, is there something wonky here that I don't realize? Is it missing something?

I already know that the treble bleed mod goes on the volume, but I actually put it there last.  I originally wired in a Fender TBX potentiometer on another build and it resulted in just my bridge and middle pickup having a very gradual tone adjustment, while the neck was abrupt and muddy when turned low.  Therefore, I wired in two so all my pickups would enjoy that gradual tone adjustment.  This makes fuzz a lot of fun, since it reacts so nicely to different levels of tone.  THEN I read that the treble bleed is meant for the volume.  So, when I ordered my pickups from Dimarzio, I ordered a 500K Potentiometer with a high-pass filter pre-wired.  That's how I landed here.

I will lastly add that when I initially wired the bridge pickup here (Dimarzio Cruiser Bridge) it was super nasally and weak.  I researched and found that it was most likely out of phase so I swapped the ground and hot.  This solved the issue, and now my pickups sound awesome.  I get a slight amount of hum (very slight) from the bridge and bridge/middle positions.  Less hum than my tele with noiseless pickups.  Anyways, I'm hoping someone with a bunch of experience can look at my wiring job and let me know if / how I can make it better.  Thanks folks, this forum is a gold mine.


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Well, The wiring looks neat and well soldered.  I'd say, if it sounds good, then publish the schematic so others can try the 'NotImpressedBro' strat wiring style!

Of course! I had tape there to hold my wires in place when it was wired with Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials.  A strip of tape just keeps it organized and prevents my wires from getting in the way when I seat the pickguard down.  When I took those pickups out, the tape ripped off the shielding in that spot.  So I put that little strip there like a little patch.  That's all.

The picture of what the old wiring looked like is below for reference.


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One mod that I do is to get the B+N, without adding any switches/blenders/etc.
The catch: You need to give up either the N+M or the M+B.
If you can live without one of them...........

On the 5 way, with the wires coming from the pups, swap either the B and M, or the N and M.
You seem like you know your way around the innards, so I'll leave it to you to figure out.

This will give you



Then, if you look at the other "side" or "half" of the switch, you can move those wires to put the tone controls where you want them.

I do have push-pull switches on the pots of a couple of Strats that will also give me all 3 pups, but to be honest I never use that combination.