routed body blank arived


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hey guys

my routed mahogany body blank arived last week. finaly was able to take some pics but cant post them. I get an error about the folder is full or my file size two big (three pics at about 44k each)

let me try to link to the pix

the front

the back

and the template i made for it

Cool, I thought about doing that but I just went back to the strat body. Hard to beat a strat.
Yeah man, that looks like a very fun project.  What is the plan?  Is it going to be some familiar shape, or something never before seen?

yeah, not very original, but I got a strat and a tele and a hamer sunburst (it's like a dc les paul) already. Checked out the se prs's at the local shop and thought they were total crap for the money. It's funny, they're probably made in the same factory as my hamer but the hamer stuff is so much better for cheaper.

got the plans from i got the prs shape and a tele delux and stuck them together so id have a bolt on neck pocket. took them down to kinko's and had them laminated so now they are stiff and i can draw around them.


Thats Big Bo, or "The Mean Machine" (its copy)... dunno which, but could be the latter.

Here's the Jupiter

Gretsch did make the square guitar for Bo, but I dont think it was ever in production.

I might have to call Ken and see if they can do such a thing (jeeze how hard can a rectangle be?)  Maybe do it up with a firebird headstock