Rosewood neck and finishes


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Will a rosewood neck from warmoth feel the same as the ones we find on the PRS guitars? (do they finish their necks???). Im really anxious about getting one and at the same time, im dying to buy one  :dontknow: . Just too beautifull.  :headbang: (For those interested, there's one cutie in the showcase, try to find it  :icon_tongue:)
I LOVE my unfinished all-rosewood neck. Neither the warmoths nor the PRSs have or need a finish. It's just the wood and you.
Don't finish it---if you do I will come to your house and punch you in the nose.  :evil4:  Like tfarny said, you don't need a finish and they feel sooooooooo great unfinished... just like the PRS necks.
Ofcourse, all necks are different due to woods, but the feeling of the wood is the same. the IRW necks of PRS are unfinished, and warmoth necks can be used unfinished too.