Rio Grande vs Seymour


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hey guys

the plan for my first build is to use 3 SD SH3 Stag-Mags or a combo of those with a standard hb in the bridge. Rio Grande makes the tallboy hb and muy grand hb. How do these compare to the sd pickups? ive also heard that you have to rout out the cavity deeper for the RG pickups, is this true? Im looking for a strat sound when the pickups are split.

Never tried the SH-3 split, but it's an A2 magnet.  I think all the RG humbuckers are A5 magnets.  Different animals.  The A5 supposedly handles hotter winds easier.
I recently installed the RG TX/BBQ set. No extra routing required in a Warmoth SG body. Sound quite good tapped. Surpassed my old favorites SD SH4/SH2 for my tonal aquision.