Impressed with Rio Grande.


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My new Tele is just finishing up. At the last minute I got a deal on some Rio Grande pickups. After trying a few others from SD and Fender the Tall boy super classic neck sounds fantastic. I was less impressed with their Muy Grande Bridge it was just too too much , so I used a Fender gen4 Noisless until the Half breed gets here. Middle I used the Rio Grande Dirty Harry jr. strat style. It really sounds P90. Wiring is standard tele with the middle on the S1 switch for activation. The chrome surrounds and control plate are being replaced with cherry burl over the week end. The loaner neck will become a roast maple boatneck with Ss 6105 Tuesday or Wednesday if ups doesn’t let me down.


Fine looking Nashville! I have a Strat pickguard loaded with the Rio Grande “Dual Calibrated” set which is a Muy Grande bridge, Halfbreed middle and Vintage Tallboy neck. Haven’t actually used them in some time, but I like them a lot.
Cool guitar and good to hear about the Rio Grandes. I talked with them a bit when I was first getting into partscasters but kept coming across mixed reviews. I recall they were really great on the phone and helpful so I'll have another look.
Nice axe.  Used their Tallboys back in the early 2000's.  Liked them better than the equiv Fralins at the time.  Also used the BBQ in the bridge of all my guitars for a long time.  Blows the JB out of the water.
Have not tried the BBQ yet. It’s hard to know what they are like. Rio Grande has possibly the worst sound samples on their page of anywhere. The next will likely be the 72 wide range set they the cattle skull covers....should go great in the country bars. :) I just can’t decide between those and the Lollar Regal pickups.
Sorry I’ve been slow getting back. I destroyed a knee and have been in the body shop a lot.
oof, sorry to hear about the knee.  I hope you are on the mend and will be able to resume your full range of activities soon.

That knee is in the trash...I’m trying to make friends with the new one.....and the leg brace scratches the guitars......
Hang in there b-man ... Working on a guitar body is the best thing, and that body is beautiful , what's the story behind it?