Removing installed Warmoth nut


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So my 2nd hand rosewood neck has had the nut filed a bit low(Graph tech tsuq) on the low E and A causing non fixable setup issues. I need to decide to try and fill it or just replace it.
How hard is it to remove a Warmoth installed nut?
Assume I should at least try filling it 1st?
Appreciate any tips.



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They are easy enough to remove. If there is a finish score round it with a sharp knife, then whether there is a finish or not give it a light tap and it should pull out easily with small pliers.

There are a couple of photos in this build thread of this activity being done.


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You could also shim it up a bit and file the top 4 grooves to suit.

I've done this with the crazy glue and strips of string envelopes.  Magic marker them black before gluing them up.

Leave them bigger in both dimensions, glue them up, attach, and finally trim to size with a razor blade.  Usually 1 or 2 layers does the trick.