Ordered 59 roundback with SS6115, TUSQ nut too low?


Hey y'all,

I ordered a 59 roundback roasted maple 1 11/16 strat neck with SS6115 frets and installed my own nut - the standard slotted nut by Graph Tech ("Graph Tech PQL-5000-00 TUSQ XL 1-3/8" E-to-E Fender-Style Slotted Guitar Nut"). The weird thing is I didn't even sand the nut's height whatsoever, just the width, but the nut sat really super low in the slot. I ended up getting buzzing on all the open strings and no buzz on fretted notes at all (tested with good amount of action at saddles and straight neck).

The guitar is an MJT body and it's a gotoh bridge so I suspect it is the issue of the height of the nut from the factory. I'm a bit puzzled because both these companies are top notch as we all know especially with compatibility. The Graph Tech guys were really nice over the phone and said that sometimes these compatibility issues can happen as their nuts are made for fenders.

Does a warmoth neck really just have a deeper slot than the fender necks? Or are my frets just too tall so when played open the string rattles against the first fret? SS6115's are taller than jumbos and even jumbos, measuring at 108" x .051".



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Looks like the nut is too low to me too. Or, at least the string grooves are too deep.................. :headbang:
Looks a little deep there, recommend you take it to a luthier for a professional opinion.
Yes, graphtech pre-cut nuts that are supposedly for fender necks are not usable for warmoth necks with bigger frets. Mine is 6150 and I had one I couldn't use it either. I ended up getting a few bone nut blanks and cut to spec, first one came out okay but the second one came out perfect. It's easiest if your blank or premade nut has at least 5.5-6mm height for comfortable sizing.