Warmoth Earvana nut?


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I have a Warmoth strat neck with an Earvana TusqXL nut. When filing it with abrasive cord to go up a string gauge, it appears I used too much pressure and cut the high E slot a bit deep. The open string now buzzes, and I want to replace the nut. Warmoth does not offer replacements on their website. Every time I try to access the Earvana online store I get messages about it not being a safe site (with multiple browsers). There are a few places on eBay that sell Earvana nuts, but none have pics decent enough to tell if I would be buying the correct part. Does anyone know a part number or specs for these?
To the best of my knowledge you can not buy one such as Warmoth fits on a new neck as an aftermarket part. They are cut individually by Warmoth to Earvana specs. Your best bet is probably to contact Warmoth sales to see what they may suggest.