Quilt Top VW (Sound clip added)


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It is complete.

Maghony/Quilt Maple carved top VW with Contour heel
Wilkenson V100 trem
Wenge/Jet Black Ebony conversion scale neck with side dots only
6105 SS frets
Standard thin contour
Schaller locking tuners
500K pots wired with 2 volume/1 tone with 3 way switch
BareKnuckle Riff Raff calabrated pickup set

Still need to perform final set up, but it plays pretty good as is.  Has a really balanced tone between bridge and neck pickups,  Neck pickup has a really smooth fluid tone when played clean.  Bridge has a classic PAF tone with really good harmonics.

Love the feel of the Wenge neck!






That's really awesome, man... I love all of the color combos and everything... the whole guitar is beautiful. The red and black is killer with that binding.
That has to be the nicest Wolfgang I have ever seen!!
(as always,) I love the nekked fingerboard!!!

I made a truss rod cover for it as well and I didn't like that.  The trem cover kind of grew on me though.  I like the contrast.

That is just smooooooookin' hot Bill, I must say I never really liked the carved top VW's. But that one is marvelous, the top on it is crazy badass... :headbang1:
Black wilky looks awesome with that finish! I agree about the trem cover, but other than that it looks perfect.
OMG that is awesome..I want to do one like this,but as a hardtail...Very nice..The finest I have seen..
Got the guitar back from the shop today after final set up (my goal is to start doing FS myself on next build) OMG what a nice playing/sounding guitar!  It is almost a perfect blend between..

My LP for feel and playability...

and my tele for tone...


I couldn't put it down for at least 2 hours.  I can't say enough good things about the BKP Riff Raff set.  Absolutely great sound.  My first thought is classic PAF tone with a bite.  Capable of great harmonics.

Love the Wenge neck.  The Wilky seems to stay in tune very well.

Warmoth is a love hate relation ship...

I love Warmoth...  The wife hates Warmoth... :toothy10:

Deffinetly my new number 1!

Just wanted to put a quick clip up to see if it works... :dontknow:

Please forgive the poor quality and crappy playing.

This was recorded using the bridge pickup, played through a Crate MX65R Gain 1 channel and my laptop builtin mic.

I thought it sounded pretty amazing for using a built-in laptop mic to record it.  And nothing wrong with your playing at all...  beats mine  :laughing7:  :icon_thumright: