questionable Warmoth neck on eBay

Bill in SC

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The board MAY be pau ferro, but certainly not the neck. Not even sure it is Warmoth even though it has the Warmoth logo on it. Might be a fake? Wouldn't that be something if counterfeit Warmoth products started showing up!!??  :)
BB in SC
I saw that and thought hmmmmm not quite right, thought maybe it is a really old model? 
I've seen other older necks from the "Boogie" period and thereafter that were logo'ed like that one. Pau Ferro board, but the neck is made of some other wood, hard to tell what, koa?
I believe that's legit. I remember seeing a headstock like that on a W years ago, late 80's iirc.
I think it's legit too, though I'm not familiar with the older necks. I e-mailed the guy and told him it was not pau ferro. His reply to me was:

Do you know what kind of wood it is? I was told wrong. Thank you so much for all of your info and input!

I directed him to the Warmoth neck woods page, and the Unofficial fourm.

BB in SC