Question for the Warmoth Finishing Dept...


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Hey guys,

I was browsing through some older posts, when I came across this strat.

I really like how the quilt shows through the Mary Kay White, but what I'd like to know is:

1.  Would it be possible on a Swamp Ash V, only with trans Alpine White w/black grain?
2.  If so, would that kind of finish add significant cost to the project, or is it actually rather reasonable?

Thanks for any info,

I'd have to say no.  Management has been very picky about which swamp ash tops get the grain enhancement treatment.  Grain enhancement is not an option for custom orders.  If you consider the process is basically doubling the amount of work done, you might consider it to be a good bit more expensive.

You might want to consider a zebrawood top.  I've seen Mary Kay trans done on a couple of them now.

Just as a note, Alpine white is not a transparent finish.  Mary Kay is your only trans white option.
Ok, thanks a lot Wyliee!

Just random thoughts about a future build.  I had a feeling it might be too complicated or labor intensive, but thought I'd ask anyway  :eek:ccasion14: